What To Do In A Dental Emergency

At Ackley Dental Group, we are here to help you and your family with all of your dental health needs. With the school year ending shortly, we know many of our patients will be out and about enjoying the outdoors, biking, playing at playgrounds, traveling, and more. Nothing can ruin a fun time like a dental emergency. It is important to remember that a dental emergency can happen at any time, but it is necessary to remain calm and assess the situation.

When Do You Need A Root Canal?

At Ackley Dental Group, we encourage our patients to visit our office for regular oral hygiene examinations and cleanings. Most patients should visit us every six months, with some requiring more frequent visits due to certain conditions. If we recommended a dental treatment during your last visit, it is important that you schedule your appointment in a timely fashion. Delaying dental treatment can significantly harm your oral health and cause you to need more extensive treatment. One treatment that can save your tooth is a root canal.

4 Tips To Prevent Dental Emergencies

As we all know, an emergency can occur at any time. The same is true for a dental emergency. While there is nothing we can do to prevent trauma to the mouth from a fall or other accident, there are certain precautions we can take to prevent many of the dental emergencies we do see often, such as severe discomfort or a cracked or broken tooth. Read on to learn helpful ways to avoid a dental emergency.