Root Canals in Spring Hill, FL

All teeth have three main layers: the outer enamel layer, the inner dentin layer and the pulp. The pulp is the innermost layer within the roots of the tooth and contain the nerves and blood vessels that supply the tooth. The blood vessels provide nutrients to the tooth and the nerves provide sensation.

When the pulp is intact, the tooth is vital and healthy. When a tooth becomes decayed or fractured, the bacteria eat their way through the enamel and dentin layers until they reach the pulp tissue. Once here, they cause the pulp tissue to break down, causing destruction of the nerves and blood vessels within the pulp. As the tissue breaks down, an infectious process starts within the pulp and eventually the nerves and blood vessels die. Pressure from this infectious process builds up within the tooth, usually causing pain, and eventually an abscess develops at the root tip. Until this degraded tissue is removed from within the tooth, this painful, infectious process continues.

When root canal treatment is performed, an opening is created through the top of the tooth to gain access to the pulp. The decayed tissue and infectious debris is cleaned out of the canals using small files. Once the canals have been thoroughly cleaned and are free of bacteria, they are sealed with a filling material and usually the abscess will heal. A temporary filling is used to close the opening in the tooth until the final restoration is placed.

The process of root canal therapy has progressed significantly over the years, and is now most often a one-visit procedure. Root canal therapy is highly successful and often lasts a lifetime, although on occasion, a tooth will have to be retreated due to reinfection at a later date.

Good oral hygiene practices and regular dental visits will aid in prolonging the life of your root canal treatment. Most teeth that undergo root canal therapy require subsequent crown (cap) placement to protect the tooth from fractures and provide strength. After treatment, your tooth may still be sensitive, but this will resolve as the inflammation and irritation from the bacteria diminishes and the tooth completely heals.

Signs and Symptoms

Sometimes, no symptoms are present and your dentist may discover signs of an abscess at the bottom of your tooth on routine radiographs. Often, signs and symptoms for possible root canal therapy:

  • An abscess (or pimple) on the gums
  • Prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Severe toothache pain
  • Swelling and/or tenderness

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This was my first experience with Ackley Dental and it was outstanding service. I highly recommend Ackley Dental Group for your dental needs.
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Always very great and professional not long waiting We been with Doctor Wise for 6 years wouldn’t go anywhere else
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the wait was short, the staff friendly, effective and efficient, and the environment conducive to a positive experience. The task, which I had been dreading, the completion of a root canal was short, painless and completely stress free.Thank you Dr. Scherrman and assistant for you kind gentle service. Anne
Anne Bowman
They go above and beyond for every patient. I literally ran out of a in-network insurance dentist and ran right back here. They are worth every penny.
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I am a very nervous patient . This office always brings a calm to my storm . My dentist celebrated her 31 years of service there today . Best dental office .
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Dr. Amy Ackley and staff are very professional and caring.They explain each step they are taking to make you aware and comfortable during each procedure.My wife and I are extremely happy with the Ackley Dental Group, and believe me, we’ve been to many dentists in our 74 years.A big Thank you once again to the Ackley Dental Group.
James Dentici
Today was my first appointment at the Ackley Dental group. I usually get anxiety at the dentist, but this was by far my most pleasant experience going to the dentist. I had a cleaning with Tia and she was so wonderful. She was very gentle, kind, and put me at ease even though it had been a while since my last cleaning. Dr. Kelly was fantastic. She was so friendly, very professional, and prompt. She answered all my questions and gave me great information and options on dental work. I will definitely be sending my whole family to her.
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Always a great visit as usual with the help of Katerina and Serena and Nikki …thank you again for always making me feel comfortable when I’m there …
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