Orthodontic Treatment in Spring Hill, FL

Crowded crooked teeth? Gaps between your teeth? Misalignment? We can help! Having crooked teeth can not only be aesthetically displeasing but can also cause dental health problems. Overly crowded teeth can lead to difficulty in cleaning consequential cavities. It can also lead to increased gingivitis of your gums and a decline in the overall health of your mouth. We offer two different types of treatments to give you a healthier and straighter smile.


Invisible and comfortable. Invisalign is an invisible solution that allows you to straighten your smile without placement of traditionally undesired wires and brackets. Through a series of clear, removable trays, we are able to gradually straighten your teeth. There are no metal or wires to irritate your lips, cheeks or gums. These trays (called aligners) are comfortable to wear and are removable, so you can eat, drink, brush, and floss as usual. Invisalign can treat the vast majority of adults and teens. Whether your smile needs minor improvements or something more extreme, Invisalign can help. Invisalign is successful at treating crowding or excess spacing of teeth. It can also be used to treat more complex cases, such as overbites, underbites and even crossbites. Additionally, Invisalign typically takes less time from start to finish than traditional braces. You’ll see your doctor every month or two to see how you’re progressing, and to receive additional aligner trays that you will switch every two weeks. Commonly, the number of aligners worn during treatment is between 18 and 30, but treatment time and number of aligners will vary from case to case.


For some patients, traditional braces may be required to attain optimum bite and esthetic smile. At our initial consultation, we will discuss your specific case, and explore the best method of orthodontics to achieve your desired smile!


After orthodontic care, both traditional braces and Invisalign, it is important to wear a retainer to prevent tooth movement from the ideal positioning. At the end of your treatment we will fabricate retainers for you to take home and wear.

Patient Testimonials


The staff is awesome and the quality of their work is top rate.
Christine Adkins
00:11 21 Oct 20
the whole group is so professional and highly qualified
diane Ubele
22:14 20 Oct 20
I am never disappointed with the treatment I receive. Everyone of the staff from front to back are courteous and professional and friendly.
Bernard Stanek
03:36 20 Oct 20
Cassandra was awesome technician very courteous awesome facility very clean
Anna Bisogno Siragusa
01:09 20 Oct 20
Excellent care from Dr Wise to the staff all the way around .Have been a patient there for 15 years and will never change or move .
Carmen Nan
00:42 20 Oct 20
Excellent staff and beautiful office !!! Love all the dentists !
Mary Nally
01:40 17 Oct 20
If u want the best go to Ackley Dental😁
Cora Ofori
00:11 17 Oct 20
Great staff and very professional!
Erik Walasek
00:08 17 Oct 20
Extremely happy with Ackley! I definitely will contrite to recommend them for any dental procedure
Lisa Hiss Helverson
15:05 14 Oct 20


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