Dentures in Spring Hill, FL

Full dentures and partial dentures are designed to replace missing teeth, and are worn by millions of Americans. Technological advancements have resulted in the ability to fabricate dentures that are lightweight and closely mimic the look and feel of natural teeth.


Partial dentures are designed to replace a small section of teeth, and help prevent existing healthy natural teeth from shifting position. Additionally they help relieve the remaining teeth from being overloaded during chewing and eating.

Metal-Free Partials

Traditional partials are typically fabricated with metal clasps placed on natural teeth for stabilization and retention. In certain cases, placement of these clasps are in areas that can be visualized and thus compromise the esthetics of one’s smile. In these cases, metal-free partials are an esthetic substitute. There is no metal in the mouth and the acrylic is made to resemble your gums. This leads to an improvement in the esthetics of your smile!


Full dentures replace an entire set of teeth. They can be worn on both upper and lower arches. Our dentures are not “one size and color fits all.” We involve you in the process of picking the best shade and shape of the teeth and allow you to try out the dentures to make sure you are pleased with the esthetics and comfort prior to finishing them.

Implant Retained Dentures

Sometimes the shape of a patient’s mouth may cause difficulty achieving good stability of a denture. To avoid movement and enable a better quality of life and diet, dentures can be immobilized by the placement of implants. These serve as stabilizing units on which the denture can “snap” into, thus decreasing and even eliminating denture movement.

Want to learn more about the Implant Retained Dentures procedure?
Example A
Example B
Example C

Example A shows two implants placed in the jaw bone with attachments added. Example B shows matching female attachments fabricated in the denture to be able to fit over the implants. These attachments will provide retention to reduce the amount of movement of the denture during function. This type of denture is mostly gum supported but gains some stability through the implant attachments. The denture still has some movement, but is more stable than a conventional denture without implants.

If a greater amount of stability is desired a Milled Bar Overdenture may be a more suitable option. In this scenario 4 to 5 implants are placed in the jaw bone and a milled metal bar is firmly fixed to the implants using screws.

Picture 1: Looking at the top of the bar, we can see the screws that attach the bar to the implants. The bar also has attachments that hold the denture to the bar.
Picture 2: The underside of the denture is contoured to fit over the bar, and there are attachments that hold the denture securely to the bar.
Picture 3: This type of prosthesis is totally implant supported and does not apply any pressure to the gums, thereby preventing sore areas.
Picture 4: The denture is extremely stable, providing you with function similar to natural teeth.
Patient Testimonials


My hygienist, Nicole, is great! She is gentle and kind. Me and my family have been going to Ackley for many years and will continue for several more!
Tim Garrison
22:23 29 Mar 23
Always a pleasure to visit Ackley Dental. Employees are friendly and treatment wonderful. Highly recommend. Ackley Dental.
Joseph Sede
22:25 28 Mar 23
This was my first time here and it was a very pleasant experience. The girls at the front desk were very welcoming and pleasant they help me locate my insurance information. Cristal the hygienist that clean my teeth, was very friendly and knowledgeable. My teeth feel amazing! Dr Kelly listen to my concerns and we decide on the action plan together I never felt like I was being pushed into anything or being sold something. I would highly recommend this Dentist office to anyone. Ask for Cristal she’s the best!
Tammy Kelly
13:25 24 Mar 23
I can’t begin to thank the staff enough for your kindness, thorough discussions and professionalism. Cristal is amazing and such a breath of fresh air. She makes going to the dentist almost a highlight of my month. 😉 I highly recommend this Dental Office and staff to anyone!!!
Suzaina Suzaina
01:13 24 Mar 23
Everyone is kind and friendly. Tia is a great hygienist. Highly recommend!
Karyn C
23:32 23 Mar 23
It's a pleasant and relaxing place. The staff is friendly and makes me feel welcome. Also, they are very conscientious when working on my teeth.
Julie S
23:23 23 Mar 23
Absolutely love this place. Cassandra is my hygienist and is so good. From the minute you walk in , everyone is friendly. And they don’t keep you waiting. Highly recommend
Maureen M
22:23 23 Mar 23
Everyone is super friendly and professional. They made my 8 year old daughter want to go to the dentist!
Tim Fiandola
22:08 22 Mar 23
March 22, 2023My husband & I have been a patients of Ackley Dental for many years now. We Love their Professionalism but they ARE ALSO THE MOST FRIENDLY GROUP OF PEOPLE THAT WE HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED.They have ALWAYS treated us with RESPECT. Their INTEGRITY is Refreshing. They have worked with me at times when I was unable to keep an appointment due to unexpected health issues. KEEPING IN MIND THAT I LET THEM KNOW (UPFRONT) that there would be occasions that I might need to cancel an appointment, due to my health issues. THEY ARE ALWAYS UNDERSTANDING UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES & HAVE NEVER MADE ME FEEL BAD❗️THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ACCOMMODATING & MAKE A NEW APPOINTMENT FOR ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE❗️In the event of a tooth Emergency, they will fit you in, the day you call, even if your Dentist is not working that day. All of at Ackley Dental Dentists are Great❗️Every time that we walk in the door, we feel as if we are visiting a good friend's home.We have had two previous Dentists (in Spring Hill) before we started seeing Ackley Dental.I CAN HONESTLY TELL ANYONE, WHO WOULD ASK, THAT OUR EXPERIENCE WITH THEM IS THE BEST WE HAVE EVER HAD❗️WE HAVE NO PLANS TO EVER CHANGE DENTISTS AGAIN❗️WE WOULD GIVE ACKLEY DENTAL 10 STARS ⭐️ IF IT WAS AN OPTION!TRY THEM❗️❗️❗️YOU WON'T REGRET IT❗️❗️❗️THEY CREATE HAPPY SMILES & IT IS NOT ONLY BECAUSE THEY TAKE CARE OF OUR TEETH.😃😁 🪥 🦷😃😁 🪥 🦷 😃 😁 🪥 🦷
Renee Owens-Bland
14:54 22 Mar 23


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