Dental Technology in Spring Hill, Florida


With the i-CAT CT machine, we are now able to create 3D radiographic scans. We are able to capture all initial records in a single scan to obtain accurate 3D views to analyze teeth, roots, TMJ, airway and sinuses without magnification or distortion. This gives us valuable treatment planning information for placement of implants, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, TMJ and sinuses including restricted airways and sinus abnormalities.

Impression-Free Crowns

With the E4D technology, the tooth is scanned inside of the patient’s mouth, eliminating the need for a messy impression. This 3-dimensional scan is analyzed on a computer and then a crown is designed specifically for this tooth. This computer design is sent to a machine that uses these specifications to mill the crown using a ceramic material.

Digital X-rays

With digital radiographs, we place a small sensor in your mouth. The sensor is connected to a computer and the image electronically appears on the screen instantly. Digital X-rays also decrease the amount of radiation exposure by as much as 80 percent.

iTero® Scanner

The iTero® scanner is able to take a full scan of your mouth in minutes and send the images directly to the lab. There’s no need to take a traditional impression that involves messy putty. This method is much faster and produces better quality results, too. We care about our patient’s comfort and investments in technology like the ITERO scanner provides for a more pleasant patient experience.

Painless Wand Anesthesia

The Wand is a revolutionary new computer-controlled way to deliver anesthesia. We’ve taken the fear, pain and anxiety out of anesthetic injections. The hand piece doesn’t even look or feel like a syringe – it looks just like a ball point pen! This is just another one of our efforts to provide you with the latest in technology.

Intraoral Camera

You will now be able to see what your dentist sees in your mouth with our new intraoral cameras. It is just as simple as taking a picture. The image can be enlarged and viewed on a TV monitor in front of you. It will be easier to understand and learn about any potential dental problems by being able to see what we see.

Patient Testimonials


The staff is awesome and the quality of their work is top rate.
Christine Adkins
00:11 21 Oct 20
the whole group is so professional and highly qualified
diane Ubele
22:14 20 Oct 20
I am never disappointed with the treatment I receive. Everyone of the staff from front to back are courteous and professional and friendly.
Bernard Stanek
03:36 20 Oct 20
Cassandra was awesome technician very courteous awesome facility very clean
Anna Bisogno Siragusa
01:09 20 Oct 20
Excellent care from Dr Wise to the staff all the way around .Have been a patient there for 15 years and will never change or move .
Carmen Nan
00:42 20 Oct 20
Excellent staff and beautiful office !!! Love all the dentists !
Mary Nally
01:40 17 Oct 20
If u want the best go to Ackley Dental😁
Cora Ofori
00:11 17 Oct 20
Great staff and very professional!
Erik Walasek
00:08 17 Oct 20
Extremely happy with Ackley! I definitely will contrite to recommend them for any dental procedure
Lisa Hiss Helverson
15:05 14 Oct 20


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