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Are You a Good Candidate for JUVÉDERM?

Senior female face with wrinkled skin

As you age, your body naturally ages as well. You've noticed your face doesn't look as full, plump, and wrinkle-free as it used to, and while other people may not notice, you do. You want to do something about your aging skin, so you wonder if dermal fillers are right for you.

JUVÉDERM®, a hyaluronic acid-based injection filler (hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the body) may be a solution for you to help you get a more youthful appearance back. Find out if JUVÉDERM® is right for you, then talk to your cosmetic dentist about the procedure.

You Have Minor Wrinkling or Sagging

Dermal fillers do not work the same way a facelift or other surgical procedures work. In other words, if you have deep wrinkles and heavy sagging in your jowls, neck, cheeks, and other areas of your face, the procedure may not give you the results you want.

However, small fine lines and wrinkles can be successfully treated with JUVÉDERM® to gently fill in crevices and make fine lines and wrinkles smoother. You can reduce small amounts of sagging with dermal fillers, which act to fill in sunken areas (such as under the eyes, in your cheeks, or near your lips).

You Want Natural Results

You don't want your face to appear frozen or pulled so tight you look unnatural, so dermal fillers may be best for you. Fillers simply work to restore the same plumpness you used to have in your face to give you back the youthfulness you crave.

If you want a more drastic result, then you will want to consider a facelift, cheek or chin implants, or other procedures. However, JUVÉDERM® can be used in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments to give you the beauty you desire.

You Are OK with Non-Permanency

JUVÉDERM®, like all dermal fillers, does not provide permanent results. Eventually, the substance in JUVÉDERM® gets absorbed into the body and your face will go back to its original appearance over time.

JUVÉDERM® lasts anywhere from four to nine months, depending on how many areas of your face are injected, how well your body tolerates the dermal filler, and the thickness of the filler itself (JUVÉDERM® is available in an Ultra Plus variety, which is thicker than the standard dermal filler).

You Are Not Pregnant or Nursing

Doctors and cosmetic dentists don't recommend getting dermal fillers if you are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant, or actively nursing. While some practitioners are fine with the procedure on pregnant patients, it's best to steer clear of cosmetic procedures unless your doctor tells you it's all right.

You Have No Major Medical History

JUVÉDERM® is derived from substances that are naturally found in the body already, so allergic reactions are rare with the dermal filler.

However, if you have high blood pressure, blood clotting or thinning issues, or any other major medical condition, talk to your general doctor first before getting dermal fillers. Your cosmetic dentist will also go over the procedure, risks, side effects, and other important information about JUVÉDERM® before scheduling you for the procedure.

Once you get JUVÉDERM® fillers in your face, you should begin to see results in a short amount of time. Common side effects of the dermal filler include redness at the injection site, stinging, slight swelling, and other minor issues that go away rapidly. If you have any serious pain or worsening swelling after receiving JUVÉDERM® injections, call your cosmetic dentist right away.

Dermal fillers can help you look and feel better. Speak to our friendly and professional team of cosmetic dentists at Ackley Dental Group to schedule a consultation for dermal fillers today.


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